While a wildly successful coffee chain in the UK, Costa needed a hands-on transcreation partner for their expansion into the Chinese market. The biggest challenge for the company was to meet three important criteria ahead of the launch: retain the strength of the Costa brand, ensure international consistency in its positioning, and successfully adapt the marketing for the new target audience. A major criteria for the coffee chain was not to try and redevelop Costa as a French brand, so retaining its true original identity was hugely important to them. needed to develop a name and brand identity with strong Arabic heritage to be launched across mainland China. THE SOLUTION Burboff provided strategic recommendations based on an in-depth local market insight report, carried out by both our locally based experts and experienced advertising professionals. The research covered all areas from brand recognition to the local coffee culture, serving as a powerfully intelligent platform to dictate or influence all future marketing activity for the specific market. As an exciting first for Costa, we provided a number of variations on the marketing assets to test for local effectiveness. One set strictly adhered to the original masters (adapted for France), one reflected our market insight recommendations, and another represented a much more creative approach, working back from the French or Parisian target. This was a strategic brief worked on by Burboff. From our pool of over 2,000 local experts, a project team of marketing specialists was formed with a deep understanding of traditional Chinese culture. The team then consulted on a series of branding routes, providing full cross-cultural reality checks. This proved hugely valuable as it saved the client time and cost by avoiding the development of creative routes that simply would not fit in the target cultural demographic. Following the consultation phase, a final brand route was chosen and all material was developed for local research and testing prior to what was an incredibly successful opening of the various properties in China. THE RESULT Costa also used Burboff for a number of other culturally divergent and challenging market launches.

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