Dedicated linguists who are familiar with in-house terminology, styles and the requirements of specific projects.

Experienced project managers identify, organize, prioritize and review all aspects of your projects to ensure proper costing, scheduling and respect of client specifications.

Well-established QA processes ensures quality and deadline are met.

Translation Memory (TM) is used to enhance consistency, improve turnaround time and significantly reduce costs.

We have offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and New York.Your requests are answered as soon as possible and processed 24 hours a day.

We build solid relationship with our clients and offer them the highest quality services at the most competitive price.

Lists of languages we work in:

Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)




Selection & Training of Resources

Starting with recruitment, we have created proprietary testing designed to assess applicants’ language aptitude as well as subject-matter
expertise, setting the bar high from day one. Throughout their time here, all team members are subject to a customized, in-house training
program, developed and run by senior staff and designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing related to best practices, industry trends and
advances in tools and technology. Rigorous recruiting practices, combined with ongoing training and development, result in the highest
level of quality and client care.

Standard Operating Procedures

Every certified translation is prepared using a time-tested and steadfastly-implemented process, performed by a minimum of three

professional linguists per project, per language:

Translation: After consultation with our Project Manager regarding detailed instructions, schedule and tools to be used (such as

Translation Memory databases and/or review of legacy information describing client-specific products and services,) a professional linguist

with relevant account experience and subject-matter expertise will be selected from our worldwide network to complete the translation.

Editing: A second subject-matter expert then compares the source text against the translation on a line-by-line basis to ensure that the

intended meaning of the source copy has been correctly conveyed, and that the style and tone are appropriate, while also checking that

client glossaries, Translation Memory databases and other reference materials have been correctly applied.

Proofreading: As a final check for accuracy and completeness, a linguist fluent in both languages implements our Proofreading Checklist,

which entails ensuring that all text has been translated, that all formatting and punctuation is correct, that spelling, grammar, names and

numbers are accurate, and that there are no other objective or cosmetic errors or omissions.

In order to continuously produce the highest quality of work, and to support this process, Burboff has established a comprehensive

set of Standard Operating Procedures. These SOPs provide comprehensive instructions related to all systems, interactions, workflow and

resources, ensuring standardized, high-level Quality Management in all aspects of our operations.

We alway support our clients’ needs and produce the best possible work. For the past 10 years, we have maintained an average on-time

delivery rate of over 99% and a client-reported satisfaction rate of over 98%.




Whether your language translation need is large or small, we are happy to assist you. The industries we serve include:

Life Sciences

Burboff helps clients expand their business through expert, scalable and customizable language services for several industries, including,

but not limited to the following:

Media & Entertainment
IT & Technology
Travel & Hospitality
Game Services
Banking & Finance
Public & NGO
Life Sciences
Retail & Products




The formats we can translate include:

Word, PowerPoint , Excel, Access, Open Office, Plain Text, PDF
Desktop Publishing: InDesign, AutoCAD, Illustrator, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Photoshop, CoreIDraw, Quark Xpress
Web: HTML/XHTML, PHP, JSP, ASP, ASPX, Javascript, Ruby, User-defined XML
Software: C, C++, C#, Perl, Python Excel Illustrator Javascriptrc, ResX, exe, PO, Properties, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle  PDF CorelDraw
Access, SQL Server, DB2Quark Xpress, XLIFF

We utilize various tools designed to complete all types of assignments and improve the quality of our services.

Translation CAT: Trados (all versions), SDLX, memoQ, XTM, Translation Workspace, Across, Omega T, Word Fast, Memsource, Startling,
Editing: Xbench
Localization Software: Catalyst, Passolo, SDL Insight
DTP: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, Pagemaker, Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Quark Xpress
Voiceover/Subtitling: Articulate Studio, Madcap Flare
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Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, EST